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We have officially become a coated bullet manufacturer!  Our coating is Hi-Tek Supercoat, the best coating out there in our experience. A lot of people are unfamiliar with coated bullets.  They have been in the USA for a few years, but are just now starting to become mainstream.  


*These are a POLYMER coated bullet. Not to be confused with copper wash, there is no copper/brass/metal in our coating. 

*All of our bullets are from certified 92/6/2 alloy with a Brinell hardness of 16-17.  


Why shoot coated bullets instead of bare lead bullets?

*There is no risk of losing lube/damaging bullets during shipping.

*There is no more wax lube to get into your reloading dies.

*There is significantly less smoke than standard cast bullets.

*Lead fouling is drastically minimized with this advanced coating material.

*Shoot higher velocities without lead fouling. We recommend 1,500fps or less(1,750fps in rifles)



*The end result is a cleaner reloading and shooting experience.  Your hands, guns/barrels and loaders will all be cleaner and easier to maintain. 


*Load the coated bullets the same way you would a lead bullet, with lead data.  Non-Grooved bullets will yield slightly lower velocities compared to bullets with grooves.  


*Be sure that you have enough flare on the case mouth when seating the bullet or the coating may be scraped off, causing performance issues. 


*Also be sure you are not over-crimping as this will cause accuracy and leading issues.


*These bullets ARE legal for use in SASS since the coating is NOT COPPER it is a POLYMER COAT.   One great reason to consider using them for cowboy action shooting is that a number of people have noticed less lead splatter with our coated bullets than with traditional bare lead bullets.  An added bonus!